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Trad Music Ensembles

Thursdays 7-8:30 pm
Spring: April 23-May 28

Online Course Description

For those who have never taken this class, or have forgotten the basic format, its a class devoted to traditional music from different parts of the globe (often using Celtic, French and Scandinavian tunes) with an emphasis on arrangement. Here’s a brief outline how I imagine it going:
I will send out sheet music and an audio file for one tune prior to each class for you all to learn (in the case of this first class, that will go out Sunday night). I won’t do any note-by-note teaching in class the way I have sometimes done, but I will go over any sections that need help. Here’s how it will work: I’ll play whatever section is needed, everyone will mute themselves and play along, until the problems are resolved. Once the melody is all set, I will do the same for those playing chordal instruments. For the latter, there may be the need to address specific instrument issues (i.e. LH accordion vs piano vs guitar), but by the end of an hour, my hope is to have everyone playing along ‘together’ with me, while they are on mute.

This will be the basic approach to the class, but there will be some smaller group sessions on occasion when the time is right. For example I might work exclusively with the chords players for the first 1/2 hour of class, and the melody players can either listen in or use that time to practice the tunes. Conversely there may be times when I’ll focus exclusively on the melody, and the chord players can either listen in or work in their own.


Original Description

Trad Music Ensemble will focus equally on group performance and individual musicianship while playing with others. Repertoire for the class will be sent out via audio and sheet music prior to each class, thus reserving time in class for arranging, improvising, harmonies, ear-training, chord theory, melodic variation, and general discussion. The repertoire will feature tunes from a wide variety of sources including traditional and popular music of North America, the British Isles, and Northern Europe. Level: beginning-intermediate to advanced; the ability to read music is helpful but not required; playing by ear will be a staple of the class. The class focus will include preparation for a performance on May 16 at UVMC’s Sing & Play Festival.

Ages: Adult
Prerequisite: Intermediate or above; ability to play by ear
Length: 6 weeks; 1 hour 30 minute classes (spring)
Cost: $140 (spring)
Minimum Enrollment: 7
Faculty: Jeremiah McLane