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Summer at the Music Center - 2012

The Music Center's summer classes run from June 11 through August 1, 2012. Some August individual lessons may be available, as they are scheduled at the student's and instructor's mutually available times. Flexibility in scheduling allows families and students to have lessons fit in around camps and trips. We offer vocal and instrumental instruction in a variety of styles, and some exciting group classes to challenge all ages of musicians.

Financial Aid requests for summer lessons and classes must be submitted to the UVMC by May 25 for consideration. 

Individual Lessons
Many Suzuki and Traditional teachers will offer lessons at the UVMC throughout the summer. The number of lessons in the summer term will depend on student and teacher availability.

New students are always welcome!
For continuing students please contact your teacher for scheduling.
  For new students please contact the UVMC office 603.448.1642.

Full payment for all summer lessons are due before the 1st lesson.
    Traditional:                                   Suzuki:
    30 min.    $31.25 per lesson        30 min.    $34.50 per lesson
    45 min.    $43.75 per lesson        45 min.    $46.00 per lesson
    60 min.    $56.25 per lesson        60 min.    $58.50 per lesson

Summer Suzuki Group Classes                     Price included in private lesson fee
For all students enrolled in Suzuki private lessons.
Violin Book 1:  4:15-5:00 on Tuesdays
Violin Book 2:  3:45-4:30 on Wednesdays
Viollin Book 3 and higher:  5:15-6:00 on Wednesdays

Fiddling Fun!       $60.00
Learn to play exciting, toe-tapping fiddle tunes by ear!  This exciting class is for traditional violin students and Suzuki violin students in mid-Book 1 or higher.
Tuesdays, 5:00-5:45, June 19 through July 31.

Baroken Strings       $60.00
A fun string orchestra experience for violin, viola, cello and bass students with note reading skills.  Learn to play as a section, follow the conductor's baton and enjoy reading new music with friends! Returning members and new members are all welcome in the summer!
Wednesdays, 4:30-5:15, June 20 through August 1. No Rehearsal on July 4.

Jazz Masterclass       $60.00
Taught by jazz expert Mike Parker, this class is geared toward students of any pitched instrument who have basic playing skills (completion of any lesson book 1 or at least one year of playing experience). It will help students understand the basics of jazz improvisation: scales and rhythms, practice techniques, listening skills, ear training, and any other questions students may have. Learning how to improvise can help classically trained musicians understand how music is composed, and even enable them to interpret classical pieces better!
Mondays, 10:00-11:00, June 25 through July 30.

Singing for the Stage       $200.00
Many high-school students and young adults participate in musical theater.  This course is for aspiring singers who want to understand their voices, make a successful music theater audition, and stay vocally healthy during production week.  Participants will learn vocal strengtheners, movement and body awareness, how to learn and act the song, and choosing songs that are just right for their voice.  Taught by UVMC voice instructors Jennifer Hansen and Julie Ness.
Monday, June 25, through Friday, June 29, 9:00-12:00 daily.

Chamber Music for all instruments           
Price determined by number of rehearsals and ensemble size
A great way to learn music and make new friends! UVMC chamber coaches are available for a chamber group of any size; all ages and instruments are welcome. If you are interested in playing chamber music this summer, please inform your private teacher or call the office. Schedule will be determined by student ahttp://joinccba.org/youth/camps/nd coach availability. 

(Carter Community Building Association)

Please register through the CCBA
for the following music classes and lessons.


Private Piano Lessons for ages 5 to 11
A 30 minute lesson to be scheduled on Monday or Wednesday at the CCBA from 10:30am-2:00pm at the CCBA.  One lessons per camp week. Please register for a minimum of 5 summer lessons at the CCBA. Open to campers and non-campers.
No tuition Fee**

Private Voice Lessons for ages 5 to 11
A 30 minute lesson to be scheduled on Monday or Wednesday from 10:30am-2L00pm at the CCBA.  One lesson per camp week. Please register for a minimum of 5 summer lessons.  Open to campers and non-campers.  
No tuition Fee**

*Please speak with Marie Dumont at CCBA to schedule private lesson times.

**Tuition for this Lebanon-based progam is underwritten by a generous grant from the Lane and Eliziabeth Dwinell Charitable Trust.