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Chamber Music and Instrumental Group Classes

Summer 2019 Enrollment Now Open!

Friday Night Chamber Music Parties
Hanover Street Chamber Music Festival

Chamber Music Ensembles
Recorder & Early Music
Cello Choir
Piano Group Classes
High School Jazz Workshops

Friday Night Chamber Music Parties

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Interested in playing chamber music?  UVMC is now offering a free opportunity to sight read music with your peers on Friday nights from 5:30-7pm. We will be offering 3 different groups of different ability levels that will each meet once a month.  Just RSVP the Wednesday before, and we will provide the sheet-music and the sheet-pizza!

Group 1: Mar 1st, Ap 5th, May 3rd
Group 2: Feb 8th, Mar 8th, Ap 12th, May 10th
Group 3: Feb 15th, Mar 15th, Ap 26th, May 31th
Email chamber@uvmusic.org with questions

Group 1 is an introduction to chamber music for students aged 10-14.  Students will become more comfortable sight reading, making and implementing musical decisions and comfortable playing with other instruments and multiple different parts. Prerequisites: Play 8ths through whole notes, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, in keys of C,G,D,A

Group 2 is perfect for the more advanced young musician who is looking for a fun way to make music with their peers. Students will be able to sight-read whatever chamber music interests them most with a diverse group of student musicians.  Students are welcome to come with a pre-formed group, or play with the other students that attend. Prerequisites: Read positions, ability to subdivide and clap most rhythms, play in keys with 3 flats - 4 sharps.

Group 3 is for adults who are looking for more opportunities to play chamber music. UVMC’s vast chamber music library is sure to keep you interested!  Both pre-formed groups and individuals are welcome to attend!  Participants should have intermediate or better sight-reading abilities.

Chamber Music Ensembles

Chamber Music
Experience the exhilaration of ensemble playing combined with the intimacy of a small group where each player is responsible for her own part.  Study and perform great works of the masters from Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert to Shostakovich and more. Groups are formed based on experience and interests of the players. Coachings cover rehearsal and communication techniques, ensemble skills, and musical interpretation, valuable skills for beginning to advanced level students. Ensembles receive one hour of coaching per week. Each session culminates with a master class style dress rehearsal and a concert. (10 Weeks) Chamber Music Coordinator: chambermusic@uvmusic.org

Coachings scheduled by group; Fall Session: September 10 – November 18; Spring Session: Jan 7 – Mar 24
Faculty: UVMC Faculty

A La Carte Option – Have a regular group that meets on your own schedule? Work with a UVMC coach on an as needed basis. Please contact us for details.
Chamber Music Sight Reading Potluck Parties – Make new friends, play with old friends, these free events are great fun for everyone. Participants are assigned to reading groups and given repertoire to sight read together. Between reading sessions we share a potluck meal. What could be better than music and food? Keep an eye out for dates.

Beginning Recorder for Adults
Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument but thought it might be too late? Well it’s never too late! The recorder is the perfect instrument for you. Easy to produce a pleasant sound, incredibly fun to play with others and such a wonderful world of music to discover. We’ll play music from Medieval and Renaissance times all the way up to the present. Depending on interest, the class can include learning to read music. (10 Weeks)
Mondays 1:30-2:30 pm; Fall: Sept 24-Dec. 10; Spring Dates TBA
Faculty: Chris Rua; Minimum Enrollment: 3

Intermediate Recorder
For anyone who already knows how to read music and plays either soprano, alto, tenor or bass recorder. We’ll explore music of the Renaissance, of Cathedral, Court and Country, including dances, sacred and secular music of the time. (10 Weeks)

1 hour; Dates & Times TBA
Faculty: Chris Rua; Minimum Enrollment: 3

Early Music Chamber Ensemble Coaching
Lute? Recorder? Harpsichord? Viola da gamba? With these instruments and more, delve into the repertoire of the baroque and renaissance periods in coached ensemble sessions. Ensembles will be matched by interest and experience. Length and number of sessions determined by ensemble. Contact info@uvmusic.org for more information.

Faculty: Chris Rua

Cello Choir and Technique Class

For adult cellists who are currently studying or who have previous playing experience, this weekly class will include work on technique as well as cello choir ensemble pieces. Participants will also have the option to practice performing solo repertoire in a supportive setting and to receive constructive feedback.
(Adult; Must be enrolled in lessons or have previous experience; 10 weeks)

Thursdays 9:30 - 10:30 am; Fall: Sept. 13 – Nov. 15;
Spring: Jan. 10 - Mar. 28          

Faculty: Benjamin Kulp; Minimum Enrollment: 4


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Piano Group Classes

Group Piano (Adults)

This class will feature:  Learning in depth evidence of famous pianists, how they practice, what their routine is daily, how they handle performances, before during and after; Learning the best techniques to keep from physical harm at the piano; Learning how to produce nerves which are  under control before, during, and after performance; Learning how to get the most out of our practice time, what is the best way to practice with our busy lives?; Learning about different styles of playing, instrumentation., duos, trios., etc., from Baroque-Modern including jazz and formation of chords and structures. (Adult; 10 weeks)

Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30 pm; Spring: Jan 31 – April 11
Faculty: Sarah Brown.; Enrollment: 4-10

Piano Performance Workshops
An informal setting in which students can practice performing for their peers as well as learning how to be critical listeners. There will be feedback from the teacher (like a mini master class) and interaction with all students. Music does not have to be memorized, though it is preferred. (All ages; 6 classes per year)

Saturdays 1:00-2:00 Dates TBA (Sept, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, May)
Faculty: Piano Faculty; Min Enrollment: 8

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