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Ben Kulp teaches a cello lesson
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Individual Lesson FAQ

  • Where do private lessons take place?

    The majority of individual lessons are taught at Upper Valley Music Center, which is located at 8 South Park Street in Lebanon, NH.

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  • Where can I rent or purchase an instrument?

    Upper Valley Music Center does not rent or loan instruments. Instruments can be rented or purchased at many local and national music suppliers, including local shops Vermont Violins or Ellis Music.

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  • Can I start private lessons any time?

    Students in the Individual Lesson Program may begin at any point. Tuition will be pro-rated according to the start date. The Suzuki Program accepts new students beginning in September each year. Suzuki students transferring from another Suzuki Program may begin at any point. Please complete the Lesson Inquiry Form to get started.

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  • How often do private lessons happen?

    Private lessons are typically a weekly commitment scheduled in a repeating time slot unless a different arrangement is made with the teacher.

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  • I’m an adult. Can I still take lessons?

    Yes! We have many adults studying music for the first time, continuing an instrument, or participating in ensembles and group classes.

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  • What is a trial lesson?

    A trial lesson is a paid, one-time lesson with no further commitment. This is a time for both you and the instructor to assess if the instrument and teacher/student dynamic are good fits. The cost of a trial lesson varies depending on the length of the lesson (30, 45 or 60 min). If you continue with regularly scheduled lessons, the cost of the trial lesson will be credited toward your tuition.

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  • Can I just take 2 or 3 lessons instead of the 16 week semester?

    To get the most out of individual lessons, students under 18 years old are required to enroll in weekly lessons. Occasionally, students under 18 may be allowed to enroll for a smaller number of lessons, for example to prepare for an audition.

    Adults may enroll in an irregular lesson schedule with permission from the instructor.

    During the summer term, we offer flexible scheduling for students of all ages, which means students may sign up for any number of lessons.

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  • When can I start my child on an instrument?

    Children may begin lessons as young as 3 years old in the Suzuki Program. For the Individual Lesson Program children may begin as young as 5 years old, but starting ages vary by instructor and instrument.  To determine if your child is ready to begin an instrument, please complete the Lesson Inquiry Form to get started. For children birth-6 years old we also recommend the Music Together Program as an excellent preparation to instrumental or vocal study.

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  • How do I choose what instrument to start my child on?

    We recommend exposing your child to multiple instruments through live performances or video.  See which instruments capture their imagination!

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  • What if I have to miss a lesson? What is your make-up policy?

    Lessons canceled by UVMC (e.g. weather, faculty illness, etc.) will be made up during make up week or at a mutually convenient time for both student and faculty. Lessons canceled or missed by students for any reason are not eligible for makeup. Teachers are not required to wait more than 15 minutes for students late for their lesson.

    Individual lesson study is a long term relationship with your teacher, and the benefits of such a relationship continue even if you have to miss a lesson due to illness or another reason. In the event of a student’s absence, previous lesson assignments will continue to be valuable as well as the continued expectations for the next lesson. Additionally, sometimes faculty may be available for consultation by email on a week when you have to miss a scheduled lesson.

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