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Juneberry Community Out & About

What are Juneberry members up to outside of chorus? Check below to find out; email juneberry(@)uvmusic(dot)org to add your idea or event.

Monday Alto, Cynthia Crawford, gives us a wonderful pandemic option! She says:

When it became obvious we were all going to be confined at home for a long time because of the pandemic, I thought it would be fun to create some puzzles to do online. Some of these are complicated, some are easy-the beauty of them is that you can decide how hard you want to make them with the application I used to create them, and there is no chance you will be spreading germs by passing them on.
They are also for sale as “real” puzzles, but they are necessarily expensive to custom print. My intention was mostly to just give people something nice to do. Please enjoy!
Here’s the link: https://www.creaturekinships.net/puzzles, or you can click on this example!


For some information about how another choral group in the Upper Valley is handling the pandemic, please see this letter from Cantabile, an all-women’s group which includes two Juneberry singers. As we support each other through this, choral music will emerge even more aware of the unique benefits it brings, and all of us choral groups in the Upper Valley can help each other through!

Cantabile update letter – Spring 2020


More Pocket Singing art… this delightful watercolor by Nancy Cressman…

Pocket Singer Patty Piotrowski responded to our singing of Jennifer Levenhagen’s “Most Beautiful Sky” with this painting of Corduroy’s pocket….

Robin Cushman, our incredibly clever Weds soprano, is at it again!


Eric Whitacre, with great computer resources, navigated a 2 Terabyte sized file to put together this virtual choir… we’re right behind him!

Monday soprano Laura Foley just had a poem read on The Writer’s Almanac!

You can hear it here: http://www.garrisonkeillor.com/radio/twa-the-writers-almanac-for-february-28-2020/

Or read it here! I, for one, will not be quite so irritated by having fill the gas tank in the future…

What the Dead Miss
by Laura Foley

This morning I think I see, in the light
dimpling the river’s emerald green
beneath me, the faces of my dead husband,
parents and younger sister,
feel their fingers in the fresh breeze
on my cheeks, as I breathe the diesel smell
of passing trucks, reminding me
of my need to refuel. As I hold the nozzle
in place, I watch clouds scurry
and reform, like roving ghostly crowds.
I hear music in the liquid trickling,
filling my tank to the brim,
music in my steady footsteps,
tapping percussion on pavement,
the car door closing with a click.
They say that’s what the dead miss most,
an ordinary day, spent like this.


“What the Dead Miss” by Laura Foley from Why I Never Finished My Dissertation. Headmistress Press © 2019. 


Chris Rollins Juneberry Artwork


Monday Alto Susan Walp is a visual artist who will be the honored guest at a workshop in Italy in the fall. An in-depth, luminous interview with her is posted here: https://jssincivita.com/guest-artists/

Not only can you learn more about Susan and the openness and dedication that she brings to her art, but it is a luxurious visual treat as many of her paintings appear in the article.

An article about sculpture in the Upper Valley — featuring Monday Tenor Herb Ferris, and his fabulous sculpture at the VINS canopy walk…


Wednesday Soprano Lucinda Walker is one of Book Jam’s featured book recommenders this month!



Check out this poem by Monday Soprano Laura Foley — Laura is the author of seven poetry collections, including Why I Never Finished My Dissertation, which received a starred Kirkus review. This poem was featured in the Woven Tale Press magazine on Nov 19, and I came across it and asked Laura for permission to share it with you… thank you, Laura, for your generosity!

A Perfect Arc

By Laura Foley
From WTP Vol. VII #9

I remember the first time he dove.
He was five and we were at a swimming pool
and I said: you tip your head down as you are going in,
while your feet go up.
And then his lithe little body did it exactly right,

a perfect dive, sliding downward, arcing without a wave,
and I just stood
amazed and without words
as his blond head came up again
and today

I watched him for the longest time as he walked
firm and upright along the street,
with backpack, guitar, all he needs,
blossoming outward in a perfect arc,
a graceful turning
away from me.


Sue Hunt, Weds Alto, is the pianist on this album: Here’s To Every Country Dancer, recorded by the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, and released this year!
Front side of the album
Juneberry opportunities page Sue Hunt album backside