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Piano duet at the First Congregational Church in Lebanon.

Collaborative Piano at UVMC

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In UVMC’s Collaborative Piano program, UVMC individual lesson students have the opportunity to work with a faculty pianist as an accompanist and/or coach. For vocalists and instrumentalists, your part is often only half (or less) of the whole piece of music. Working with a collaborative pianist gives you the chance to hear and practice the complete piece of music, while the coaching supports the work you are doing with your teacher.

Piano Coachings

Work one-on-one with a faculty pianist or have a pianist come to your lesson. Coachings cover the basics, such as being able to stay with the piano, to advanced concepts such as hearing where your melody line fits in relation to the piano’s harmonies. Singers will also receive help with diction and poetic/dramatic interpretation. Instrumentalists will work on musical interpretation. Coachings are meant to enhance your work with your teacher, helping you reach a deeper understanding of your music more quickly.

30 minute coaching $43
45 minute coaching $59
1 hour coaching $75

Recording Sessions

First hour with pianist – $100 for up to three selections for voice; up to two selections for instrumentalists. Additional rehearsal and recording time at $75 per hour. Fees include pianist’s preparation time; instructor time not included.