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Juneberry Testimonials

“To say I thoroughly enjoyed participating would be an understatement. Being a part of this group exceeded my expectations and left me with some new friends, feeling revitalized, confident and feeling like a SuperStar. I can’t wait for the next round.” Stacey S., Fall 2019 UltraSounds singer

“You, the music and the Juneberry community have brought out the best in me. ” Patty Piotrowski, Norwich, VT

“It amazed me how from a tentative beginning the songs grew into a beautiful blending of voices under the skillful direction by Patricia. She did it with grace, humor, and oh so delicate constructive criticism. Her constant encouragement was empowering.”  Juneberry Spring 2019 singer

“I had no idea the rehearsals would become the highlight of my week!” Kate Lucier, Orford, NH

“SINGING with a dedicated, friendly group and a totally open, inspiring and dedicated director cannot be beat!” Juneberry Spring 2019 singer

“Stellar conductor/director/leader. Beautiful music. Stellar rehearsal tapes. Great spirit in the chorus.” Juneberry Bass

“I love the quality of rehearsals – commitment, humor, levity, laughter, growth and improvement, mutual respect, challenge, fun!” S. Morse

“I appreciate the non-judgmental atmosphere which permeates Juneberry.  This has been most important for me as a novice singer.” Judith Englander, S. Strafford, VT

My true joy in Juneberry comes from going to weekly practices and singing with amazing people and a truly gifted choral conductor.  The performance is just the cherry on top of the sundae but we all know that ice cream sundaes are still superb without the cherries. — Fall 2018 Juneberry participant

This is a true community chorus where you get to sing with a diverse group of people of the upper valley including graduate students and retirees. — F. Drescher, Juneberry participant

This whole program is expertly crafted! It all fits like a puzzle and makes sense in its flow and is touching! Nice acapella, nice use of dynamic sensitivity — I understand EVERY word! — Megan Helm, music teacher and choral professional after Spring 2018 concert

Delightful concert today: great programming, very musical singing, expressive performances, excellent diction, facility with a wide variety of styles – loved it! — Kevin Quigley, director of Thetford Chamber Singers, after Winter 2018 concert.

This was fabulous.  We were treated with respect as individuals and as singers and Patricia taught us as if we were capable of anything.  It was tremendously empowering and consistently rewarding.  It also works–I sing better and I enjoy it more. – Fall 2017 Vocal Exploration Class participant

I can’t believe I’m beginning to do what I never thought I’d be able to do! — Jack Hooper, West Lebanon, NH

Juneberry Music school provided a unique experience by respecting music learned by ear equally with that learned by reading from a printed score… in fact, they complement each other and you can start from either end in your journey “from the shower to the choir”! – Steve Teeter, Lebanon

I was (pleasantly) surprised by how seriously we work on vocal techniques. It’s not just a sing-a-long hoping people will improve over time. Patricia takes each person’s contribution seriously and works in a kind manner to bring everyone to a certain level. – 2015-2016 student

Personally, I feel I have benefited enormously from your sessions, and really enjoy starting the week with them….The best thing about your classes, aside from your enthusiasm, is the realization that it is o.k. to make mistakes. – Jonathan Vincent, Norwich, VT

Each term I learn new skills and feel more confident in my singing. I come away from class feeling good. I have enjoyed meeting others from all over the Upper Valley whose paths I would never otherwise cross and who love to sing as much as I do. That is an added bonus to this class. Now I see them on the street while shopping and at various concerts. — Kathy Larson, Lyme, NH

Class always contained unexpected surprises, which were always absolutely swell…. This is a fabulous school. After singing most of my life, finally I start to learn technique! — Priscilla Vincent, Norwich, VT

Your singing school has enhanced my life in so many ways. I can be having the worst day and after I go to choir class I always feel good. It’s magical. Thank you! — Cheryl Twerdowsky, Post Mills, VT