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Music Together® Frequently Asked Questions

Classroom Activities

  • As a parent, what is my role in class?

    Sing, dance, and have fun! You might be surprised to hear that you are your child’s most important music teacher right now—and it doesn’t matter whether you think of yourself as a great singer or dancer. Young children develop dispositions for certain behaviors, including learning to love music, by observing and imitating their loved ones. Simply by participating enthusiastically during class and playing with the ideas at home, you’ll give your children the modeling they need to learn to love to make music. Please wait to socialize or use your cell phone until after class and instead help us create a music-only environment.

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  • What’s expected of my child in class?

    At Music Together®, children are never required to sit in the circle or expected to conform to an adult’s idea of participation. We know that children learn differently from adults. They learn instinctively and constantly, through observation, interactions with adults and older children, and through imitation, play, and, especially, movement. One hallmark of Music Together is the insight that children will naturally develop music ability simply when they are immersed in a community of families all making music.
    Children’s responses depend on their most dominant learning style and temperament as well as their age and developmental level. Some might follow the teacher right away. Many will simply want to watch and absorb, particularly in the first few weeks of class. Some might crawl or toddle around; others are stimulated by the music and respond more actively, running, jumping, or dancing. All are perfectly natural responses to the new, musically rich environment. Throughout the semester, your teacher will help you tune in to how your child learns best so you can support their music development in class and at home. Feel free to ask if you have questions!

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  • What is the class size?

    Each class has between 6 and 12 registered children, plus their caregiver(s).

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  • Can we eat in class?

    Please feel comfortable to nurse or bottle-feed your child in class, but we ask that you not bring food or drink into classrooms.

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  • Are there classes for specific age groups?

    Although we do offer a special introductory Babies class for families with infants 8 months and younger, as well as a Rhythm Kids class for children aged 4-5years, our mixed age classes are specifically designed to be delivered to a multi-age group. Classes with children of different ages have intellectual and social benefits for both younger and older children. In fact, it’s the learning environment recommended by many early childhood researchers. Older children learn empathy and awareness of others, while developing leadership qualities and gaining self-confidence. Younger children learn by imitating the older ones and often show more complex behaviors earlier than usual. Even babies benefit by being in an environment that gives them lots of opportunities to observe the behavior of children of varying ages. Plus, it allows everyone—siblings, parents, grandparents, caregivers—to share in the musical experience together!

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Scheduling & Attendance

  • What if I miss a class during the semester?

    We offer unlimited makeup classes during each semester in any of our classes that are not fully registered.

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  • What if I start classes after the semester begins?

    UVMC welcomes families at any point during the semester! However, we do not prorate for classes missed due to late registration. Instead, families may makeup class(es) during the semester.

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  • Can I switch to a different class?

    Requests for class changes must be initiated within the first three weeks of the semester. Depending on class availability, changes are made at the discretion of the center director and teachers involved.

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  • Will classes be cancelled in inclement weather?

    As a general rule, we adhere with Lebanon, NH School District in regard to weather cancellations. Should public schools close due to inclement weather, classes will usually be cancelled as well. If the Lebanon, NH School District is delayed or cancelled but we decide to hold a class anyway, your teacher will reach out with an email on the morning of class.

    If UVMC is closed, your teacher may be offering an online class instead of cancelling. Be on the lookout for a Zoom link, and please let the office know if you need assistance using Zoom!

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  • Can I bring a guest or an unregistered older sibling to class?

    Music Together classes may be in session when older children have a school holiday, and it is natural to want to bring them with you to class. All guests must be prearranged with the teacher to ensure adequate space in the class.

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  • Is it OK for more than one adult to come to class?

    Yes, parents, grandparents, or caregivers are welcome to attend class at any time—no need to ask!

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  • Do you offer gift certificates?

    Gift certificates toward classes can be purchased at any time. They make fabulous baby shower, birthday, or holiday gifts. Please contact the office if you’re interested in purchasing one.

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Music Together® Worldwide Resources

  • How should we use the Music Together® materials?

    • Play your songs frequently, especially during the first few weeks of class. Make the music available for your child to listen to while she is playing or before nap or bedtime.
    • Create your Music Together account and download the “Hello Everybody” app for digital versions of the songs and more activity ideas to try! Go to www.musictogether.com/account
    • Use the songbook to help you learn the songs and get new musical activities to use at home. If you play an instrument and want to play along, the music notation is available in the Family Music Zone.
    • (Always wanted to learn an instrument? Check out our Guitar Class for Grownups!)
    • Try using the songbook at storytime!
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  • How do I access my Music Together songs digitally?

    To make it as easy as possible for your family to play along with Music Together at home, you may download/stream our music and access exclusive content from the Family Music Zone® or the “Hello Everybody” app.

    You’ll first need to create a Music Together Worldwide family account through the app or by going to www.musictogether.com/account.
    • Create your account using the code on the inside front cover of your songbook (This will be a separate account from the one you use on our website to register for class.)
    • Check out the Family Music Zone® on musictogether.com, download your music, view a digital copy of your songbook, find the music notation, get new activities for select songs, and learn more about your child’s music development.
    • Download the “Hello Everybody” App
      The free “Hello Everybody” app for iPhone/iPad or Android is an easy way for you to access your Music Together songs, whether you are at home or on the go!
    • Log in with your Music Together Worldwide family account (or create a new one on the app) to get your songs into the app. Here are some of the features for you to explore:
      • Stream or download all of your Music Together songs
      • Create playlists of your family’s favorite tunes
      • Get new activity ideas for selected songs
      • Show or hide on-screen lyrics
      • Turn the vocals up or down—or completely off
      • Try Music Together karaoke and record using your device’s camera
      • Flip through the award-winning Singalong Storybook Hello, Everybody!
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