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Juneberry Takes a Garden Stroll
Suzuki Parent Info Night
Hanover Street Chamber Music Festival

Juneberry Takes a Garden Stroll
Monday, May 27
4-6 pm

Lebanon Opera House

Celebrate the burgeoning spring with the Juneberry Community Chorus at UVMC. From a Hawaiian song about earth care to a gospel storm passing, we’ll sing our way through the garden, guided by local composer John Koch, fierce female writers Elizabeth Alexander, Andrea Ramsey and Karisha Longaker, the Renaissance dramatist Richard Farrant, and Israeli Josef Hadar. Seeds, bugs, and roses will cross our path, as we consider the garden of Eden with Bobby McFerrin, and honor those who have died with Vincent Persichetti. Juneberry creates a welcoming singing space for everyone, including each audience member. Come let your voice grow with us!

Your donation at the door makes this program possible.

We suggest $15/seat: you adjust up or down according to your ability to pay.

Suzuki Parent Info Night

Wednesday, May 29

7 pm

Are you interested in your child learning an
instrument? Are you looking for a nurturing musical community with a well developed educational program? Join us for a information session to learn about UVMC’s Suzuki Program. For more info please contact info@uvmusic.org or 603.448.1642.