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How Music Works

Thursdays 11 am-1 pm
Spring: February 4-April 1
Fall: October 1-November 19
Online via Zoom
Sheet music

Update: Spring 2021 will a continuation of the topics covered in the fall class. New participants are welcome to join, and should have fluency with major scales & key signatures, the circle of fifths, triad chords and inversions, diatonic and chromatic intervals, I/IV/V chord progression in all keys, notes of the staff on treble & bass clefs, Up through 16th note patterns, compound time, and triplets. Topics covered in the spring include dominant VII chords, longer chord progressions, minor scales and related chords, harmonizing a melody, composing melody over harmony in major and minor keys, and harmonic analysis of short pieces.

Are you just starting your vocal/instrumental journey? Or have you played or sung for years, but always wanted to better understand the music? Unlock the mysteries of music in this introduction to music theory. Topics include reading fluency (pitch/rhythm notation, pitch/rhythm reading), major/minor scale construction, triadic and seventh chord constructions, intervals, chord analysis, circle of fifths, basic chord progressions, and YOUR questions that you’ve always wanted answered. This class is designed for students with some practical understanding but no formal theory training – those with reading experience in one clef only, pianists and singers with minimal theory background, guitarists who read only tab, as well as those who want to brush up on the basics. For questions on placement, please contact info@uvmusic.org or complete our New Student Inquiry Form.

Ages: 16 & up
Length: 8 weeks, 2 hour classes
Faculty: Jane Woods
Minimum Enrollment: 4
Cost: $175 (No cost for UVMC individual lesson and Suzuki students enrolled in full 16-week term)