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Gifts & Sponsorships

We believe that all residents of the Upper Valley, no matter the financial situation, should have access to quality music education. Through annual Sponsorship and fundraising drives, we successfully offset the costs of financial aid and tuition for our programs. All this is only made possible through the generous support of Upper Valley residents like you.

The Upper Valley Music Center is supported by over 400 generous households and businesses. Our supporters include professional and amateur musicians, educators, music lovers, and Upper Valley business and community members that want to ensure that music and the arts can flourish in their own towns, villages and cities. These individuals help support the many music programs that we offer thus opening up a new world of expression and joy to Upper Valley families.
We have a growing list of business supporters and grantors who provide us with operating and program support. These Business Partners have made the commitment to community music this year through generous donations and in-kind donation of services.

How can you help?

Contribute to the UVMC today! Please consider making a donation of $25 or more. (All contributions are welcome.)

Donate goods. Of course we need things, we're a nonprofit! If you have items you wish to donate, please call us.

Volunteer. We need help with everything from stuffing envelopes to setting up concerts. If you've got the time, you can put it to good use with us!