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November, 2017

Dear Families and Supporters,

Music is a collaborative art; we sing together, we play together, we make music together. So it is natural that music education is not just about learning notes and rhythms, but also about relationships, communication, and teamwork – in short, collaboration.

Here are three stories about collaboration from the past year. They are stories of students learning and stories of partnerships creating unique, compelling music education. None of them would have been possible without generous community support, and your support today will mean many more stories like these in the year ahead.

Music Together· Early childhood music education is about the relationship between parent and child as much as pitches and rhythms. Young children learn the language of music through singing a song with mom or dad, dancing to the beat, or creating an orchestra of sounds from everyday items. This Fall, UVMC began a collaboration with The Family Place to bring early childhood music to young parents enrolled in the Families Learning Together program. Music is a powerful way to help build parent-child bonds and to prime children for educational success.

Knights· Great artists are great communicators. Many people have seen artists perform at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, but for young musicians, working with the artists is even more powerful. UVMC’s collaboration with the Hop has led to multiple master classes for students with internationally known artists where students learn to communicate expressively.
· Making music requires teamwork. This summer, students in UVMC and CATV Music Video Camp wrote music, shot video, and created original music videos. They learned that you can’t do it alone: it takes a team. In a world awash in media, this collaboration enabled students to work in teams to become media creators, giving expression to their unique voices and an understanding about what goes into the videos they watch every day. Want to see one of their videos? Click below.

Your donation makes these and many more collaborations possible. It also supports the lessons, group classes, ensembles and workshops that take place every day. Donate online today!

Most importantly, your donation provides crucial tuition assistance to ensure that music education is available to all families, regardless of means. With your help, UVMC will distribute over $15,000 in tuition assistance this year.

Your donation makes a big difference. Click here to donate online. Thank you for your generous support – I look forward to seeing and hearing you at UVMC in the year ahead.

Let’s make music!

Warmest wishes,
Benjamin Van Vliet
Executive Director

P.S. Make your gift count DOUBLE: If you make a first time or increased donation before December 31, two of our Leadership Circle members will match your donation up to $10,000.