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Community Chorus Frequently Asked Questions

This page describes the Juneberry Choral Program, which operated at UVMC from 2016-2022. We are looking for a new Choral Director to lead and direct this program! Please visit our employment page for details.

  • Can I check you out first?

    Prospective students are welcome to visit one class or chorus rehearsal at no charge as part of their decision-making process.

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  • ​Is anything different about the first day?

    Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early the first day, so there is time to check in, pick up materials, make out your nametag & get comfy.

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  • Can I do both a class & the chorus?

    Absolutely, and this frequently happens. People who match pitch easily, but feel like their voice could use a tune-up like to combine Vocal Exploration and Chorus, for example. Juneberry Chorus members also often take Skills classes, because they find their greater expertise makes choral singing even more enjoyable.

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  • How is a placement sing different than an audition?

    There is definitely a place for you to sing with Juneberry; it’s not possible to fail a placement sing! At the placement sing, Patricia will sing with you to help place your range, voice part, and your confidence singing. If pitch matching or holding is a challenge, or if you wish to focus on your range and technique, she will recommend you take a vocal exploration class. It takes about 30 minutes; the goal is to set you up for a successful singing experience. These are usually done in small groups so you can start getting to know other Juneberry singers. For more details, go here.

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  • Can I bring my child?

    People under 13 are welcome to share music & sit with an adult at no charge for the child. If either becomes disruptive, both will need to leave the class or chorus that day, with no refund.

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  • What if I have to miss a week?

    Life is very busy for most of our singers, and we understand that it’s hard to make every week of rehearsal. You are always welcome to double up if you have to miss a week. If you miss more than 3 of the 16 rehearsals scheduled for each term, you and Patricia will have an individual consultation to be sure you’re fully prepared to sing for the concert.   We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience by going into a concert unprepared: that doesn’t feel good for the singer, the section around that singer, or the director!

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  • Do you sing religious music?

    The artistic director selects music with care to provide the Juneberry Community Chorus with songs that are accessible and encourage growth, contribute to a chosen concert theme, and foster a community of inclusiveness and respect. Music comes from both secular and religious traditions around the world, chosen not to promote any particular belief or culture but to provide a mixture of choral music, some new and some centuries old.

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  • What happens with the sheet music?

    The session fee includes all materials, except for octavos (sheet music).

    Any octavos must be returned at the completion of the class or chorus session. The music becomes part of the UVMC music library which is accessible to all choruses in the Upper Valley.

    Unreturned music will result in a $25 replacement and handling fee.

    PLEASE contact us if finances are a barrier — Juneberry at UVMC would be sad if you didn’t sing because of money.

    Speaking of which…

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  • Why is this so inexpensive?

    Juneberry at UVMC is a social profit program, which means we measure our success by the effect we’re having on our community, not strictly by our financial profit. We don’t charge the full cost of a seat for you to participate in the chorus, but we ask people to thoughtfully consider how they can help meet costs. All your donations to UVMC are tax-deductible, and you can designate Juneberry in your contribution if you choose. Funds you give go directly to keeping the cost of the program low enough to be inclusive, with scholarship money available for people in difficult financial situations. We thank you for your generosity that brings music to so many people in our Upper Valley!

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