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Honor someone important in your musical life.

A celebration of music making by each other, for each other.

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All of us have important people in our lives who have shared, taught or made music with us. It might be a teacher, a friend, a family member, even a famous musician.

As part of celebrating 25 years of music education at Upper Valley Music Center, we invite you to honor that important person with a ‘25 years’ gift – $2.50, $25, $125, $250, etc. Your gift will help us continue that work and allow someone else to have an important musical person in their lives too.

You will get a special certificate of honor that you can display, plus the option to have us mail or email your message to the person you are honoring.

Elizabeth Storrie

From: Jennifer Hansen

My mother, Elizabeth, taught and performed for about 60 years. She created a welcoming and beautiful home, a busy voice/piano studio, and a loving environment for her five children. She enjoyed hearing about my teaching and eagerly attended my performances.

Elizabeth Storrie

From: Kelly Stuart

My grandma was an amazing singer and piano player who encouraged the musical gifts of her whole family. Nearly every conversation I had with her she wanted to know if I was singing and “using my gift”.

Richard Van Vliet

From: Josh and Ben Van Vliet

Dad has been an inspiring example (sharing joy and beauty through music as a pianist, choir director, church organist, and banjo player) and a tireless champion for us to make the music that we love.

Caroline Nickerson

From: Josh & Ben Van Vliet

Mom has been a constant and unwavering supporter of our playing music. Her deep enjoyment of and enthusiasm for our musical pursuits has been such a gift, a boost in the times we needed it most.

Patricia and Tom Norton

From: Sue Deaett

Patricia has gently and joyfully coaxed me out of a deep hole. I am grateful that I now can give voice to my strengths, my fears, my frustrations and my delights. Tom’s strength is the bedrock for all of us.

Kathy and Brian McAlister

From: Emma McAlister

I am so grateful my parents brought me to concerts that sparked my love of music and signed me up for lessons! Thanks for your endless support!

Elvis Presley

From: Clint Burdette

A spiritual man,  duty and service; Elvis lost
the battle with his darkness. He bound us to our humanity: the light/darkness.  Every time I fire up “Burning Love” gives me consolation and hope, strength to carry on.  We are not alone, The Wonder, The King!

Richard Lissemore

From: Julie Ness

If I have any success as a singer and teacher, it is because of Richard Lissemore and his inspired teaching. He is an incredible vocal technician, while  never losing sight of the spirit of music and how it connects us.  

Harold 'Grandpa' Bowles

From: Judy Wild

My Grandpa gave me a violin when I was 11.  That was that start of it all!  I will be forever grateful for the support of my family who never forced me to practice ….

Evan Harlan

From: Jeremiah McLane

Was my accordion teacher at New England Conservatory; wonderful composer, pianist and accordionist, and human being. He passed away in 2014.

Ben and Alicia and faculty over the years at UVMC

From: Barbara DeFelice

Nacio Levey’s music teachers and influencers!

Judith Rudiakov

From: Janet Saint Germain

Mrs. Rudiakov taught me how to read music when I was a child. It is thanks to Mrs. Rudiakov that I enjoy reading music today, decades later.

Dale Blanchard

From: Annie Hansen

Grandpa Dale was a musician and great supporter of his grandchildren’s musical lives. He flew cross country for recitals, and when our borrowed piano was reclaimed by its owner, he bought me my own. RIP Dale!

Jane Helms

From: Susan Downing

As a pianist and teacher myself, I felt the need to improve upon my own technique and also overcome my fear of performing publicly. Jane encouraged and inspired me with her articulate teaching and  patience.

Annemieke McLane

From: Susan Downing

I had the honor of studying advanced piano with Annemieke for 2 years. She introduced me to some exciting 2 piano repertoire which we later performed together at UVMC’s Two Piano celebration! We also studied Bach together.

Patricia Norton

From: Judith Englander

“Graduating” from Patricia’s Vocal Explorations into Juneberry Community Chorus has been one of the great joys of my life. She has taken me–and all her singers–under her wing and nurtured us bird by bird.

Nancy Davis

From: Jay Davis

My mother’s love of singing was highly contagious in our home.  Her husband and two sons have sung for decades, and now all four grandchildren will be singing and acting this summer.  Happy birthday, Mom/Nana!  

Alison Cheroff

From: Cynthia Crawford

Alison brings us a wonderful, inspiring and  unique approach to playing the piano.  She has enabled me to do what I never thought I could accomplish, Her loving, cheerful presence is always an inspiration. Thank you Alison!

Phyllis Dale

From: Lisa Piccirillo

Dr. Dale was my middle school music teacher known for her tough love and teaching us Beatles songs in choir. Here we are after our school’s production of the Music Man in 1996.

Cynthia Crawford

From: Alison Cheroff

Cynthia plays beautiful music, and she constantly encourages and supports our musical life in the Upper Valley and beyond.

Judi Vinar

From: Patricia Norton

Judi helped me listen to my own voice with humor, patience, curiosity, and accuracy.

Sandra Wiese

From: Frederick Wiese

She’s my wife,…she’s my life.

Catriona Parsons

From: Rebekah Hurford

My grandmother sings Gaelic songs throughout the day, while she goes about everyday tasks, and taught me that singing is a part of everyday life. She has been an inspiration to me and encouraged my love of music.

Laurie Bastian

From: Jennifer Turbes

Laurie was my viola teacher from age 4-16 and taught me how to practice, how to enjoy making music and, I suspect, how to teach!

Katie Kitchel

From: The Case-Coughlin Family

Katie is a master teacher, an extraordinary artist and person. She has been the Music Together teacher for both of our sons. She has brought such joy and learning into our lives and we are forever grateful. Thank you, Katie!

Murray Perahia

From: Lindsay Dearborn

Murray Perahia’s recording of the Bach English Suites was my go-to music when I needed some calm, some insight, some patience, some connection, some inspiration while working for almost 10 yrs in West Africa. He saved me! 🎹💓

Dorothy Carter

From: Jane Woods

Dossie was my piano teacher and church choir director in middle/high school. An inspirational pianist/organist/harpist. Musical experiences with her were the best part of those years. She revealed to me the deep joys of music.

Bob Mark

From: Louis Cornell

In my fifty-plus years of playing chamber music, it was Bob more than any other coach who taught me how to listen. For many of us, he was the best coach we’d ever had.

Jeri Bridwell

From: Erin Smith

Jeri was my first violin teacher, and I have such wonderful memories of our Suzuki program.

Olivier Demers

From: Judy Pond

This amazing guy inspired me to take up the fiddle (at age 69). I heard Le Vent Du Nord at LOH, and thus started a whole new obsession, a whole new life, and my wholehearted involvement with UVMC. 

Cleo Morse McNelly

From: Deecie Denison

My mother was a piano teacher and she always let me choose “top or bottom” when we played four hands together. I loved listening to her practise. And I loved her!

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