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Choral Singing Classes and Community Chorus

Juneberry at UVMC aims to create a welcoming space where singers can enhance their skills in a fun choral community. We believe there is a place for everyone to sing and that singing is a skill that can be learned by most anyone. We sing for fun and wellness at Juneberry, drawing on an eclectic variety of choral music to nourish, invigorate, empower, and connect.

Juneberry Chorus and Classes at UVMC

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Admission to the May concert is by donation at the door!

Juneberry concert

Juneberry Singers

Juneberry @ UVMC
Choral Singing Classes and Community Chorus

Vocal Exploration Course
Open to everyone who is curious about singing.
Do you want to sing? Not sure if you can? Were you ever told to stand in the back and “just mouth the words”?  Know how to sing but need a refresher? Singing from a variety of traditions, students learn to match pitch, follow written music, and use healthy vocal technique. A bit of music history and theory gets thrown in as a bonus. Students will develop the skills they need to join the community chorus. Students may choose either a mini-course of 8 weeks, or the full term of 16 weeks at a lower per-week price. (Teens and Adults; 8 or 16 weeks)

Tuesdays 5:00 – 6:15 pm or Wednesdays 7:15 – 8:30 pm in Lebanon
Fall: Sept 11/12 - Jan 15/16, Celebration Jan 20
Spring: Feb 5/6 - May 21/22, Celebration May 27
Faculty: Patricia Norton

Juneberry Community Chorus at UVMC (ages 13 and up)
A non-auditioned, welcoming group that sings music drawn from a variety of traditions, culminating each semester with a celebration of song in community. Rehearsals are light-hearted and affirming, where music is practiced and improved. The joining process for singers includes placement singing with director, either through the vocal exploration course, or an individual or small group meeting.

Mondays 10:15 - 11:45 am in Thetford or Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm in Lebanon
Fall: Sept 10/11 - Jan 7/8, Celebration Jan 20
Spring: Feb 4/5 - May 13/14, Celebration May 27
Faculty: Patricia Norton

Choral Skill Development Classes
Open to members of any Upper Valley choral group, such as church, barbershop, shape-note, & concert choirs, who wish to develop their choral skills.

Fall term: Holding Your Own  - How do you develop the choral skill of singing your own part while hearing all the other parts going around you? Drones, ostinatos, polyphony, harmony, rhythmic counterpoint, and dissonant play are all possible choral combinations we can explore. Following warm-ups that build vocal accuracy, we will practice singing and listening both “horizontally” and “vertically”. Conscious work on this skill is valuable to choral singers of every level. (Teens and adults; 15 weeks)
Spring term: Solfege Sight Reading - A chance to build up the knowledge base behind your singing, this skills class will help you sight-read with more confidence, both with rhythms and pitches. Singing from both the Jenson Sight Singing Course and other choral material, we’ll look at pulse, beat, meter, syncopation, major, minor, blues, and other scales and intervals. These skills will be immediately applicable in any choral group. (Teens and adults; 15 weeks)

Mondays 9 - 10 am in Thetford or Wednesdays 6 - 7 pm in Lebanon
Fall: Sept 10/12 - Jan 14/16; Spring Feb 4/6 - May 20/22
Faculty: Patricia Norton

What is Juneberry at UVMC?

Classes to help you find & explore your voice, or improve your skills as a choral singer plus an unauditioned chorus to make music with other singers.


Singing is a skill that can be acquired by just about everyone, and Juneberry director Patricia Norton believes there's a choir for everyone who wants to sing. A very small percentage of people can’t detect a change in pitch. The other 98+% can. If you can hear a siren going up and down, you can learn to sing.


You get more than just pleasure from singing. (Although wouldn't it be enough?) Recent studies have shown that choral singing increases neural connections, fortifies the immune system, and reduces stress and depression. Choral singing builds health and resilience for individuals, families and communities. Check out the benefits page for articles.

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"The easiest way to avoid wrong notes is to never open your mouth and sing. What a mistake that would be." Pete Seeger


"There's nothing wrong with concert-going or CD-buying, but it’s through actively making music that the most profound joys and fulfillment can be found."  Community Music Victoria, Australia

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